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Akashvani has 420 Stations across the Country

Find Your Station

City Max Min




Name of the Station


All India Radio, Sambalpur

Date of Commissioning



No. of Transmitters


100KW HMB-140  0ne no.

Location of Transmitter


Maneswar, 10 KM from Sambalpur

Frequency of Transmissions


945 KHZ

Transmission timings & duration

05.00- 10.05,1200-15.30 & 17.00-23.05

i)   TR-  I   5.55 AM to 10.05 AM

4 hrs.10 mts.

ii)  TR-II  12.30 PM to 3.30 PM

3 hrs.

iii) TR-III  5.00 PM to 11.05 PM

6 hrs. 05 mts.

Programme Origination


9 hrs. 36 mt. daily

Relayed of  programme & News


3 hrs. 39 mts.

Languages in which programmes are broadcast

Odia, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Sambalpuri, Kisan, Khadia, Mundari, Bagta, Oram

Composition of originated programmes

In different formats of Music, Drama, Feature, Talk, Interview, OB based programme & variety programmes.

Number of Studios

Type-I Studio Music,Talk, ROR,Dubbing Room, PB Studio

Area  covered

Sambalpur, Sundargarh, Balangir, Bargarh, Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Sonepur, Boudh  & Athmallik


Programme zone covered by the station


85,564 Sq. Km.

Population covered


73,89,807 (Approximately)

Sanctioned strength (in all cadres)





Library facilities


a)    Discs



b) CDs (Film & Non-film)



c) CDs(In-house productions)



d) Tapes

9048 – 7”

1177 – 6”

e) Books






Participation of Public


i) No. of Music Artists on Station’s Register


ii) No. of Drama Artists on Station’s Register


iii) No. of Casual Announcers

07 – Announcers

18 - Comperes

E-mail Id of the Station

Complete Address of the Station with PIN Code

AIR, P.B. No. 3, Kuchery road Sambalpur- 768001 (Odisha)

Telephone No.

Fax No.

STD- 0663

2410507, 2410571

SD- 2410507, 2400896

SE- 2410571, 2402438





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