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Volume II             Part-I



1.         Director General, All India Radio


2.         Chief Engineer, All India Radio


3.         Deputy Chief Engineer, All India Radio


4.         Station Directors and Assistant Station Directors in charge of Station’s


5.         Director of News Services, All India Radio


6.         Director of Monitoring, AII India Radio, Simla


7.         Director of External Services, All India Radio


8.      Director, Transcription & programme Exchange service, All India Radio


9.         Director, Television Centre, All India Radio


10.      Director of Sales, Central Sales Unit, Commercial Broadcasting


10A.     Station Directors (Commercial) Comnercial Broadcasting Service


11.       Editors Betar Jagat, & Akashvani Group of Journals


12.       Deputy Chief Engineer/Engineer-in-Charge, High Power Transmitters, All India


13.        Heads of Auxiliary and Vividh Bharati centres



14.        Research Engineer, All India Radio


15.        Regional Engineers, All India Radio


16.        Station Engineers, Central Stores, All India Radio, NewDelhi


17.        Powers common to Heads of Stations/Offices








I.         Establishment Matters


II.        Annual Confidential Reports


III.       Office Management, Office Procedure Including Maintenance of Files



IV.       Record Management for Directorate & AIR Stations/Offices(including Retention


V.         Overtime Allowance


VI.        Rules Covering Allotment of Air Residential Quarters.


VII.      Rules for the grand of Advance to Officers and Staff of All India Radio for the
Purchase of Radio sets


VIII.     Broad Guidelines for Handling Tribunal/Court Cases


IX.        Scheme for Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration for Central Government Employees


X.         Benefits for Employees dying in Harness and other Welfare Schemes


XI.        Broad Guidelines on Disciplinary Proceedings


XII.      Transfer Policy